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A Patented Approach to Metabolic Restoration


What makes Diabetes Relief different? Our unique approach to treating type 1 and type 2 diabetes is designed to offer real results and real relief. Diabetes Relief is an advanced diabetes healthcare center that treats patients using a combination of patented and traditional medicine. Our revolutionary treatment system includes an individualized, physician-directed metabolic restoration program and a proprietary metabolic-reconditioning supplement.

How does Diabetes Relief work?
Our Areas of Focus

Our mission is to improve more than your symptoms and fight the root cause of diabetes: metabolic failure. Everything we do is guided by professional evaluation from specialized practitioners and personal counseling to promote lifestyle changes. There are several areas where Diabetes Relief can improve outcomes. 

Metabolic Optimization.jpg

Metabolic Restoration

Using of FDA-approved infusion pumps that are uniquely programmed and specific to the patented treatment program, helps retrain the signaling communication processes between the liver and pancreas.  This helps kick-start the metabolism and improve diabetic complications.

Hormone Optimization.jpg

Hormone Optimization

Diabetes Relief provides diagnostic testing to identify hormonal imbalances contributing to metabolic failure. We include bio identical hormones to optimize and improve lipid levels associated with improved brain, bone, heart, breast, and prostate health, which combine to improve quality of life and well-being.

weight management.jpg

Weight Management

Obesity complicates many symptoms of diabetes, such as hypertension and hyperglycemia.  Diabetes Relief provides a customized weight-loss treatment plan for each patient that is comprised of intramuscular injections, patented metabolism-optimization treatment, diet, and exercise.


Wellness and Nutrition

Our total-patient care focus provides attention to diet and exercise while also monitoring medications, vitamins, and mineral needs.  The program is designed to work in tandem with traditional medicine in order to reduce medications and eliminate the risk of harmful side effects, while preventing, improving, and potentially reversing serious complications. 

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